Think-Tanks & Media During Covid-19: A Symbiotic Partnership

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Continuing its practice of highlighting the impact of Covid-19 on the various dimensions of human life, TRENDS Research & Advisory organized an e-symposium on the media’s role and its relations with think-tanks around the world.

To was live-streamed on September 9, 2020, the E-Symposium – Think-Tanks & Media During Covid-19: A Symbiotic Partnership – brought together top editors, journalists, and researchers from around the world. They discussed how the media and think-tanks have complemented each other in these unprecedented times.

The E-Symposium highlighted the opportunities and challenges associated with the media’s best practices in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The session also dealt with the crisis management aspect of this unique relationship.

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Jonathan H. Ferziger Photo
Jonathan H. Ferziger
Non-resident senior fellow, The Atlantic Council , American Journalist – Israel
Dr. Wen Wang profile photo Dr Stephen Blackwell photo Jeffrey Hiday Photo Pete Clifton Photo Michael Holtzman Photo John Bruni Photo
Dr. Wen Wang Dr. Stephen Blackwell Jeffrey Hiday Pete Clifton Michael Holtzman

Dr. John Bruni

The Executive Dean of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies – China Director, Research and Strategic Studies at TRENDS – UAE Director Office of Media Relations, RAND Corporation – USA Editor in Chief, Press Association – UK President, SEC Newgate – USA Founder/CEO of SAGE International, Australia

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Think-Tanks and Media During Covid-19 A Symbiotic Partnership

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