Tackling Covid-19: International Best Practices and Paths to the Future

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This E-Lecture is a unique and innovative online gathering of international experts who will discuss the Covid-19 pandemic and assess the global best practices and lessons that could be learned from the successful responses in the UAE, the Republic of Korea and other East Asian countries. The lecture will highlight the continuing need to ensure speed and accuracy in detecting Covid-19 cases, employ IT and Big Data to track and contain viruses, sustain pandemic-readiness in healthcare sectors, maintain the flow of public information, and implement preventive measures for homes, communities, schools, businesses and public sector offices.

The key questions to be analyzed during the lecture include:

  • How can countries ensure they are equipped and prepared to contain virus outbreaks such as Covid-19?
  • What can be done to improve information sharing at a global scale and ensure that healthcare sectors across the world are fully supported?
  • What are the best ways to communicate adequate information and ensure social cohesion and discipline during a pandemic?
  • What kind of early warning systems can be put in place to deal with pandemics?

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electure : International Best Practices and Paths to the Future

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