Using Artificial Intelligence to Tackle Epidemics: The Covid-19 Model

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The E-Discussion will provide a unique and innovative online platform for international experts to discuss the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in tackling the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. It will examine the prospects of using AI in research and treatment by helping to identify vaccines and develop machine learning (ML), assist diagnostics through the use of bots and decision-tree models. It will also look at aid the prevention of the disease by employing ML and location data, enforcing hygiene through computer vision and thermal sensors, and deploying robots to aid social distancing. With the Covid-19 crisis becoming a turning point for the global community, the E-Discussion will perform a critical function of helping its participants identify the continuities and changes we can expect to see in the months and years to come.

Among the key questions that will be analyzed by the panel are:

  • How are leading AI institutions and organizations contributing to the research and treatment of Covid-19 cases?
  • How are AI applications helping in the initial diagnostics process?
  • How is AI helping authorities predict and control the virus outbreak clusters?
  • Can more effective global cooperation enhance the use of innovative technology to ensure a better medical response to pandemics.

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