About Us

TRENDS Research & Advisory analyzes opportunities and challenges at geopolitical, economic, and cognitive levels. The Center conducts research and engages in a constant endeavor to find scientific and objective answers to the global trends in a way that enhances the understanding of all its dimensions. TRENDS seeks to comprehend the impact of the issues facing the world, taking into account the different aspects of analyses and following the international standards set for scientific research.
The Center seeks to build a network of robust partnerships with global research centers, governments, and non-government organizations, and institutions. It aims to benefit from international research experiences to enhance its academic performance at the regional and global levels. It organizes lectures, conferences, and symposia to ensure the exchange of research experiences and expertise regularly. TRENDS’ broad array of publications cover subjects of global interest and consequence.

Message from the CEO and Founder of the New TRENDS Research and Advisory

The knowledge and technology revolution unfolding around us today has put humanity on the threshold of a new phase of development. This has enhanced the role and paramount importance of think-tanks in analyzing policies and identifying the pathways nations take in realization of their ambitions related to human development, welfare, and stability.

TRENDS Research & Advisory was established in 2014 with the objective to be an independent research and advisory center in Abu Dhabi and positively contribute to scientific studies. As outlined in its Vision and Mission, TRENDS’ ultimate goal is to provide a better understanding and deeper analyses of the different opportunities and challenges impacting the Gulf and Middle East regions, and the world in general. This involves employing internationally-recognized scientific criteria adopted by the most established think-tanks.

TRENDS’ mission is to identify and follow up on the issues of significance in the realms of politics, economics, security, and knowledge. It takes up the task of analyzing these issues and employs a strategic perspective while conducting specialized studies.

Board of Directors

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali
CEO and Founder of the New TRENDS Research and Advisory
Dr. Mariam Ibrahim Al Mahmoud
Deputy Director-General at the Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy
Dr. Arif Sultan Al-Hammadi
Executive Vice President, Khalifa University of Science Technology


Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali
CEO and Founder of the New TRENDS Research and Advisory
Omar Al-Nuaimi
Director-General of TRENDS Company - Head of the Advisory Council

TRENDS Advisory Council

Omar Al-Nuaimi
Director-General of TRENDS Company - Head of the Advisory Council
Dr. Fatouh Haikal
Political Advisor/ Director of Research
Dr. Ashraf Al Eisawy
Senior Fellow, Media Advisor
Mohammed Hamdaoui
Head of Economic Research Department/ Director of Energy & Natural Resources Program
Dr. Huda Shaker Al-Nuaimi
Senior Fellow / Political Islam Advisor
Dr. Kristian Alexander
Senior Fellow / Director of International Security & Terrorism Program
Dr. Mohammed Farid Azzi
Senior Fellow/ Planning and Information Analysis Advisor
Ahmad M. Najeeb
Technology Advisor
Kareema Ali Al Mahri
Head of Strategic Communication Department
Prof. Mohammed Ahmed Fyadh
Training Management Consultant
Mohamed Elian
Legal Advisor
Foreseeing future through knowledge.

Applying rigorous academic research and effective partnerships to assist in, and contribute to, the formulation of policies and decisions of governments and international organizations relating to all aspects of global and strategic issues.

  1. Contributing effectively to research and studies identifying international risks and challenges.
  2. Training and empowering future leaders to deepen their insights and equipping them with the appropriate tools.
  3. Providing advisory for different sectors to generate financial resources for the center.
  4. Establishing a large network of relations and building strategic partnerships with global decision-making support centers, international government, and non-government organizations.
  5. Reinforcing awareness regarding Middle East issues and influencing international public opinion.
Produce cutting edge research that helps decision-makers better understand the challenges of the future.
Core Values
Objectivity: in raising and discussing issues
Accuracy and credibility: in providing information
Transparency: in analyzing and presenting facts and results
Professionalism: in producing authentic, high-quality research

Core Standards
Production of high-quality research adhering to strict academic standards, internationally recognized among research centers. The most important core standards are:
  • Commitment
  • Academic honesty and integrity
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Excellence
In its pursuit to influence the regional and international decision-making process, the Center focuses on the following fields:

  1. International Relations: Studying international engagements and mutual influence within international axes and regional powers, and the nature of the international order. These include bilateral and multilateral relations. Research activities at the Center also focus on studying foreign policy, diplomatic, international security and governance issues
  2. Security, Military, Terrorism, Extremism and Political Violence: The Center gives due attention to security issues by studying the root causes of terrorism and extremism and factors threatening national security. Due attention is also given to national security strategies pertaining to cyberspace, regional policies, extremist ideologies, political Islamist groups and strategies to combat terrorism and extremism. The Center also focuses on military strategies and routinely analyzes military tactics, doctrines, and defense technologies and their development trends
  3. Geopolitical Studies: The Center closely studies regional and international armed conflicts, crisis management, negotiation techniques and the role of asymmetric warfare is causing demographic transformations. It also addresses the changing geographical maps and population realities, especially in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region
  4. Sustainable Development: TRENDS Research & Advisory also conducts research on international and regional economy, and other related issues including human development, education, human rights, and women and youth issues. With the digital and informatics revolution sweeping the world today, the Center also pays special attention to artificial intelligence and innovation, in addition to focusing on space science which has increasingly become a center of interest and in which all countries support to enhance its development.