Call for Papers

In pursuit of its ambitious scholarly research goals, and to strengthen cooperation with the established research community, TRENDS Research & Advisory welcomes contributions from writers, researchers, and academics in their respective fields of specialization. Shortlisted contributions that meet the Center’s writing and publishing criteria will be published in one of its publications or on its website:

1- Strategic Trends Series:

The series covers strategic studies including security, political, military and technological issues relevant to the Middle East and around the world.

2- Economic Trends Series:

This series covers various economic issues relevant to the Middle East and around the world, including oil and energy, trade and geo-economic relations, and trade wars and disputes.

3- Research Papers:
4- Assessment/Evaluation Papers:

The Assessment/Evaluation Papers are published on the Center’s website. They present an in-depth analysis of ongoing regional and international issues of interest to the Middle East and around the world. Subjects addressed in these papers may include contemporary developments, non-state actors, or regional or international developments. These papers explain the underlying causes behind contemporary issues, put them in context and predict possible consequences.

5- General guidelines: