20 June 2021


“Trends Research and Consulting” signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation with the “Diwan Al-Mulla Network”; With the aim of enhancing media and research cooperation, to serve their common goals. The memorandum was signed by Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of “Trends”, and the media personality, Muhammad Al-Mulla, founder and director of Diwan Al-Mulla Network. The values ​​of tolerance, coexistence, moderation and addressing hate speech, through the “Diwan Al-Mulla” network hosting researchers and experts from “Trends Research and Consulting” to shed light on the new research and scientific publications of Trends, especially those related to issues of security, stability and development in the region. The journalist, Muhammad Al-Mulla, had conducted a virtual interview with Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of “Trends Research and Consulting”, through the Diwan Al-Mulla network. Source: https://bit.ly/2TN2qI3