05 January 2023
  TRENDS Research and Advisory Centre unveiled the main features of its Strategic Work Plan for 2023, which aims to firmly establish the centre’s international presence, its meaningful participation in shaping the future, and its role in spreading objective, research-based knowledge.   The Strategic Work Plan for 2023 was reviewed in a work meeting between the CEO Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, heads of sectors, directors of departments, heads of sections, and advisors.   The plan includes new research programmes, activities, and events aimed at advancing the Centre’s global vision through positive contributions to research, studies, and advisory activities by analysing potential international risks and challenges and providing ideas and approaches for a better understanding of developments and how to deal with them.         The Strategic Work Plan: The road to success In the meeting, Dr. Al-Ali stressed that TRENDS strives to provide a better understanding and more accurate analysis of various international developments and issues in accordance with internationally-recognised research methods adopted by the most prestigious think tanks.   He said that over the last period, the centre has managed to position itself on the global stage, which requires further efforts to develop new, innovative work mechanisms so that TRENDS can achieve its goal of becoming an international research hub and a bridge of knowledge. He explained that during 2023, the centre will see major developments aimed at empowering young Emirati researchers and strengthening the role of the centre in knowledge production.         Empowerment of young researchers The Strategic Work Plan for 2023 emphasises the empowerment of young Emirati researchers through a sustainable strategy and an array of innovative initiatives to enhance their research capabilities and skills, while strengthening the role of TRENDS Youth Council.   The plan also seeks to encourage young Emiratis to take leadership positions in the centre, as they have already proved their abilities and talents and contributed effectively to the centre’s success over the past three years.         Ambitious research plan In the area of academic research, the Strategic Work Plan for 2023 seeks to further diversify TRENDS’ research and knowledge products by adding 14 new tracks to the research programmes that would consolidate the global role of the centre.   A consultation department has also been created within the research sector in order to expand the scope of consultation services provided to local, regional, and international institutions, particularly in the fields of economy, financial markets, sustainable economic development, artificial intelligence, metaverse, and other modern fields.         Global partnerships and events An ambitious plan has been set up for TRENDS Global Sector to increase the number of international symposiums, conferences, panel discussions, and fora, which are planned to be held in several international capitals. Through its current office in Dubai, and another that will open in South Africa in the coming months, the Center also seeks to extend its outreach across all continents. In addition, TRENDS Global Sector will work toward bolstering the exchange of international experiences and expertise through specialized events and by enhancing relations with domestic and foreign partners to ensure best practices in the provision of services.   The Center’s Strategic Communications Section will also look to expand its current partnerships with renowned international research centres and academic institutions, and seek to attract new strategic partnerships. The section has already secured close to 200 of such partnerships.   The Distribution and Exhibitions Department has also set goals to expand its active participation in local, regional and international exhibitions, and enhance cooperation with various international research institutions and publishing houses participating in such exhibitions, with a view to showcasing the centre’s research products in cultural forums. The goal is to build more global partnerships and conclude research and consultation agreements to help distribute its publications worldwide.         Advanced media In the field of media, the newly-created CEO media office works round the clock in cooperation with the centre’s media department. It publishes news about TRENDS’ activities, events and publications across the centre’s platforms.   The media plan aims to upgrade the centre’s platforms and social media network. It also intends to strengthen the recently-created TRENDS Smart Lab, which constitutes the technical production unit of the Center’s media department.   Other plans include the opening of the Grand Hall as well as an integrated studio, fully equipped with the latest digital and artificial intelligence technology.         Dubai office: TRENDS’ gateway to global expansion The launch of TRENDS’ Dubai office was the first step in a strategic plan to open a series of offices in key decision-making capitals of the world. This was a milestone for TRENDS in its drive to reinforce its position among prominent global think tanks.   The strategic plan for the Dubai office focuses on building partnerships with local, regional and international entities, and includes the launch of a research programme for 2023.   The 2023 strategic plan for the centre’s Global Barometer Department includes an expansion of the scope of public opinion surveys to meet the needs of local, regional and international institutions, particularly in the area of customer satisfaction.         Innovative training As part of the Strategic Work Plan for 2023, the Training and Development Sector has introduced new programmes to meet increasing demands from various entities and institutions. The new programmes will be carried out in coordination with local, regional and international universities and institutions, and will include a range of new topics and specialisations, which will be delivered in innovative ways using the latest technology and methods. These programmes will be focused on research training, media training, administrative training, and training on demand.         A more productive work environment On the administrative side, which is the backbone of TRENDS, the Strategic Work Plan for 2023 gives a special focus to Emiratis and Emiratisation, and pays particular attention to ways of enhancing the role of administrative researchers. According to the Plan, new departments will be created and a number of sections will be merged, with a view to upgrading the organizational structure of the centre to improve the work environment and raise the performance of employees, while ensuring their happiness.                         #Source: https://bit.ly/3GHHUyc