22 April 2021


ABU DHABI – TRENDS Research & Advisory has constituted an Advisory Council, including a group of experts in political, strategic, media, technology, economic and legal affairs, and political Islam and strategic communication. TRENDS Director-General, Mr. Omar Al-Nuaimi, has been named the head of the Council, aiming to improve the think-tank’s performance and maximize its research and training outputs.

The Council frequently meets to discuss issues related to tasks and specializations and advises on the various TRENDS activities. It also discusses and reviews TRENDS annual strategic plan, studies, projects, and initiatives and follows up on their implementation. The Council provides recommendations and proposals to improve the Center’s performance, especially in research, advisory, and training sectors.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, the CEO of TRENDS Research & Advisory, said that the Council is part of TRENDS’ annual plan 2021, under the slogan Empowerment Through Excellence, which reflects the Center’s global ambition. He said that TRENDS aspires to provide high-quality research consistent with the internationally recognized standards followed by the most prestigious think-tanks worldwide.

  Source: https://bit.ly/3xdwbkr