19 January 2023

A delegation from TRENDS Research and Advisory, headed by Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, paid a visit to the Gulf News headquarters. The delegation met with Mr. Abdul Hamid Ahmed, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Gulf News, along with members of the Editors’ Board and section heads at the newspaper. The two sides discussed ways to enhance cooperation and partnership in the fields of media and research, with a view to supporting the research and scientific output of young researchers and highlighting their research on different media platforms.


Spreading creative thinking

Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali stated that mass media outlets, including TV, radio, and newspapers, have always been avid supporters of intellectual research efforts that seek to spread creative thinking, well-founded scientific opinion, and reliable and evidence-based information, and that provide societies and decision-makers with research and recommendations that address, analyze and resolve issues related to global crises and challenges.
Dr. Al-Ali underlined that Gulf News is a leading and ardent supporter of scientific research in that it spares no effort to support and enable young researchers to publish their output by allocating adequate space to publish their scientific and intellectual contributions, thus allowing them to convey their messages to all readers in different languages.
Dr. Al-Ali expressed his appreciation for the efforts of Gulf News in supporting TRENDS’ young researchers, following an agreement to periodically publish their research articles in the newspaper as well as introduce them through the outlet’s website and social media platforms, in line with the two sides’ efforts to raise the self-confidence of young researchers and encourage them develop their creative skills and capabilities.

Supporting young researchers

Mr. Abdul Hamid Ahmed welcomed the TRENDS delegation and praised the Center’s vision and mission to support young researchers through training and development with the help of experts, researchers and academics, to enable them to lead scientific research in the future.
Mr. Ahmed indicated that TRENDS is a pivotal actor in supporting the scientific research movement both regionally and globally. He praised TRENDS’ futuristic vision, global orientations, scientific mission, and goal of supporting intellectual and cultural creation. He added that Gulf News and TRENDS shared many goals, one of which was their mission and efforts to spread the culture of tolerance, coexistence, and acceptance of others.
Mr. Ahmed pointed out that TRENDS is known for its accurate and well-targeted research that addresses and analyzes different issues, crises, and conflicts witnessed by the world today, making TRENDS a leading think tank both regionally and globally. He added that he looked forward to enhancing the active and constructive partnership with the Center while continuing to build bridges of mutual trust between media outlets and think tanks and leveraging the experience of both sides in multiple joint fields.

An introductory tour

Following the meeting, Mr. Ahmed gave the delegation a tour of the newspaper premises, introducing the newsroom, central editing room, and the newspaper’s various sections. The delegation also learned about the advanced techniques used by the newspaper’s printing press. At the conclusion of the visit, the two sides exchanged a number of publications and agreed to pursue active cooperation to meet the media and research expectations of both sides.

# SOURCE: https://bit.ly/3J4gioV