18 April 2023

For the second consecutive year, the Trends Center for Research and Consulting participates with a special pavilion in the London International Book Fair 2023, which takes place from April 18th to 20th, at the Olympia Centre, in London, capital of Great Britain. Within the center’s global vision and plans, with the participation of more than 1,700 companies from 60 countries, the strategy as an exhibition is one of the most outstanding book fairs in the world in importance, number of visitors and number of participants . . Editorials.

The “Tendências” Pavilion features a vast and distinguished collection of scientific, research and knowledge publications covering the scientific, political, security, economic and military domains, as well as the various encyclopedias in which the center specializes related to political movements Islamic.

In addition, the center’s executive director, Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ali, said that the participation of “Trends” at the London International Book Fair, which will bring together more than 25 thousand editors and publishing specialists in one place, man . The book industry emerges within the framework of the desire to be quality and active in global cultural forums, which means that the exhibition is the world’s main cultural platform to communicate with others and a wide window to inform the public about products. “Trends” knowledge that looks to the future and participates in its creation. He emphasized that participation is an opportunity to strengthen the dissemination and expansion of knowledge based on scientific research in all international cultural forums.

  Al-Ali explained that “Trends” showcases a wide range of diverse and rich publications and discusses a range of current global issues and crises, adding that participation in the “Trends” exhibition strengthens its presence on the world stage. It will not be limited to the exhibition of books, but there will be multiple cultural seminars and dialogue and debate tables with the participation of specialists and researchers in different areas of knowledge and science. The exhibition will host more than 200 sessions and conferences. On the other hand, the director of the Trend Center’s Distribution and Exhibition Department, Rawda Al-Marzouki, said that the London International Book Fair is one of the largest international book fairs and is considered the most important in the world and presents it to you. Hundreds of thousands of visitors, writers, researchers and academics from different countries around the world. He added that the exhibition is an opportunity to get to know the center and clarify its vision and knowledge message. It is also a forum to meet the most famous publishers and translation houses and establish new alliances with book creators, research centers and participating publishers. It is also an opportunity to promote various “trend” publications and open new horizons for cooperation and communication with others in different languages ​​of the world. The Centre’s publications on political Islam, in which ‘Trends’ are highlighted as a specialty, in addition to other books in various areas. scientific discussion On the Centre’s participation program at the London International Book Fair 2023, Al-Yaziah Al-Hossan, Director of the Media Communications Trends Office, said that the Centre’s pavilion at the exhibition will witness a scientific panel discussion on 19 April entitled “La Futuro . Engines…Economics and Climate Issues – A View from the East”. Awad Al-Buraiki, Global Sector Head, Trends, Matthew Goodwin, Program Director, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, UK, and Stephen Scallett, Specialist. will appear in Trends Economic Affair and adds that over the three days there will be media events and activities to publicize the center and its publications and establish effective collaboration.                                       #source: https://bit.ly/3L1wlUR