06 December 2021

Middle East in 24:

The Trends Center for Research and Consultation signed a cooperation agreement with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security, represented by the Emirates Academy for Identity and Citizenship; The aim is to develop research cooperation, training activities, innovation support, and all initiatives of common interest and goals.

The agreement was signed by Trends Center CEO Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ali, while it was signed by Brigadier Khamis Muhammad Al-Kaabi, Executive Director of Support Services Affairs at the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security, at the headquarters of the Emirates College for Identity and Citizenship.

The agreement provides for cooperation between the two sides in the fields of training and preparing research on topics of common interest, and the exchange of experts and researchers on both sides. The cooperation also includes the exchange of publications, studies and research prepared on common topics related to knowledge, technology and various sciences, as well as organizing events, seminars and lectures on topics of interest. sides.

In a statement on this occasion, Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ali praised the efforts of the Emirates Identity and Citizenship Academy in relying on the best international practices, technological applications, electronic knowledge sources, training and education materials, and other learning sources, which encourage its members to continue learning according to the latest training and development methods at the global level. What enhances the values ​​of creativity, responsibility and teamwork.

Al-Ali stressed that he is proud of his membership in the Academy’s advisory board, pointing out that the cooperation agreement between the Trends Center and the Academy comes within the Trends plan to support scientific efforts that depend on scientific research and innovation, and said that this agreement would enhance the exchange of experiences and dissemination of knowledge that contribute to making the future and support College students with information, research and studies in various fields.

He pointed out that this agreement also stems from Trends’ keenness to strengthen research and scientific partnerships with major effective institutions and bodies, as well as regional and international think tanks concerned with spreading knowledge and enabling stakeholders to prepare for future challenges.

It is noteworthy that the Trends Center for Research and Consultation has signed similar cooperation agreements with many local, regional and international centers and bodies, amounting to about 130 agreements, as part of its endeavor to be a global knowledge bridge that spreads a comprehensive culture based on sober scientific research, and values ​​that seek goodness, tolerance and human dialogue. It provided decision makers and society, especially the scientific community, with everything that would help in developing solutions, confronting developments and making the future.

Reference: https://bit.ly/31yesbY