06 October 2022


A delegation from the U.S. Congress visited the offices of TRENDS Research and Advisory in Al-Rawda, Abu Dhabi, and learned about the Centre’s role and efforts in promoting peace, coexistence and human fraternity.


The delegation, which consisted of members of the Senate Abraham Accords Caucus, headed by Senator James Lankford, was received at TRENDS’ Hall of Peace. Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, welcomed the delegation and explained that the hall was named the “Hall of Peace”, as the first event to be hosted in the hall was on the Abraham Accords. Dr. Al-Ali added that the “Hall of Peace” also reflects the Centre’s belief in peace and the need to promote it throughout the region, which is, indeed, the goal of the Abraham Accords.


Members of the visiting delegation also participated in a panel discussion, which was attended by TRENDS’ heads of sectors and researchers. The discussion focused on the Abraham Accords and their impact on stability and peace in the region. Members of the Senate Abraham Accords Caucus emphasised that the Accords represent a new chapter in the history of the Middle East and will open new horizons for regional cooperation.


The delegation stressed the importance of peaceful coexistence and tolerance as pillars for societies worldwide, and highlighted the crucial role of cultural diplomacy in peacemaking and bridging gaps between peoples. Members of the delegation praised the efforts of TRENDS in promoting peace and tolerance through its publications, events, and partnerships with various entities, while also highlighting the close relations between the U.S. and UAE.


Elyazia Al-Hosani, Deputy Head of the Media Sector at TRENDS, stated that TRENDS spares no efforts in promoting knowledge among young people as a means of bridging gaps between nations. She also touched on the role of TRENDS’ Council for Young Researchers in spreading knowledge and promoting peace.


Sumaya Al-Hadhrami, Deputy Head of TRENDS Global Sector, talked about the events organised by TRENDS, which are aimed at disseminating the principles of the Abraham Accords. Alia Al-Junaibi, Head of the Strategic Communication Department, stressed the importance of both research and partnerships in strengthening mutual understanding and promoting peace.


#Source: https://bit.ly/3CdLCMS