03 September 2021


Mohamed Al Khaja, UAE Ambassador to Israel, said the UAE has become a universal model to be emulated of youth empowerment, as it has harnessed all national capabilities to serve and advance youth and enhance their academic and research capacities.

He made this statement while participating in an open panel discussion organised by the TRENDS Research & Advisory.

During the discussion, Al Khaja explored the ideas and aspirations of young researchers and their future visions for supporting the UAE’s sustainable development agenda.

He also expressed his happiness at meeting with the centre’s board of directors and admired their enlightened ideas. He then commended the centre’s key role in enhancing the research and academic capacities of the youth and sharpening their scientific skills by organising various seminars and training courses.

Youth are a fundamental factor to the development of nations, he added, urging young researchers to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the UAE in a variety of sectors.

Al Khaja stressed it is important for youth to be inspired by the ideas and approach of the Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who was known for his unique ideas.

He also lauded the centre’s strategy to support youth and improve their academic skills, noting the importance of coordination and cooperation between local and international research centres in promoting the key messages of the scientific research community, as well as the values of tolerance, coexistence and peace.

He concluded his talk by affirming the UAE aims to make a positive change in the Arab region and the entire world by mitigating the effects of conflicts, as well as by promoting peace and the values of tolerance, coexistence and acceptance.

Reference: https://bit.ly/3DI2qeL