A Global Anti-Covid-19 Treatment: Between Development Efforts & Regulatory Protocols

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Eight months since the first Covid-19 cases were identified, and the WHO declared a global pandemic, more than 19 million cases have been reported, and thousands have died. The urgent need and a fierce race for a vaccine have raised the fear that profit motives might prevail over human health.

More than 60 teams of scientists are working on the vaccine, and hundreds have been tested within record time. In normal circumstances, it takes years to complete a vaccine development process, from initial tests to the marketplace. Yet, scientists are on a high-speed race, using advanced technology, hoping to produce something within months.

These desperate circumstances call for a debate on appropriate development efforts for a Covid-19 treatment following regulatory protocols. TRENDS e-symposium, held on August 26, 2020, has tried to find answers to these questions at 7 pm UAE time. The symposium comprised two sessions:

• Session 1 – International efforts for a Covid-19 vaccine

• Session 2 – Processes, regulations, and protocols of vaccine development

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Dr. Ziad Yagoub Najjar photo
Dr. Ziad Yagoub Najjar
Non-Resident Fellow, expert in public health, Jordan
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Dr. Nawal Al Kaabi Dr. Jill Horowitz David Zigdon Dr. Melita Vujnovic Andrew Elnatan
 Chief Medical Officer , Chair of the SEHA infection Control Committee - Sheikh Khalifa Medical City - UAE Executive Director of Strategic Operations , Laboratory of Molecular Immunology - Rockefeller University, USA CEO, MigVax , MIGAL Galilee Research Institute - Israel Head, WHO Office, The Russian Federation Senior Director Regulatory Affairs, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative - United States of America

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