Economic Stimulus Programs – Requirements and Challenges

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This symposium addressed the need for economic stimulus programs to minimize the impact of Covid-19. It has discussed challenges facing such programs and focus on the following four topics:
  • Unconventional monetary policy to minimize the consequences of Covid-19: Lessons from developed economies and the 2008 financial crisis.
  • Simulative Fiscal Policies: Cost-benefit calculations with a focus on gains from stimulus and stability.
  • Structural Policies: Development of infrastructure in preparation for the post-Covid-19 era.
  • The role of government spending and stimulus in scientific and medical R&D under Covid-19.
  • Covid-19 Stimulus Programs and Government Spending: Comparisons and Implications in Highly Industrialized and Periphery Countries.

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Introductory Video
Mahmood Sharif PROFILE photo
Mahmood Mohammed Sharif
Director, Economic Studies at TRENDS, UAE

Dr. Abhishek Saurav Profile Photo Steffen hertog profile photo Mahmoud Hamdaoui photo Renny Castaneda profile photo Dr Patrick Lenain profile photo
Dr. Abhishek Saurav Prof. Steffen Hertog Mohammed Hamdaoui Dr. Renny Castaneda Dr. Patrick Lenain
Economist - Private Sector Development and Investment Climate, The World Bank Group, Washington DC,USA
Associate professor in Comparative Politics at the London School of Economics,UK
Economic Researcher at TRENDS,UAE
The Chair of the Bachelor Program on Security and Strategic Studies of the American University in the Emirates,
Aِِssistant Director at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD),France

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