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Path to Caliphate- The Truth Behind Muslim Brotherhood Project

First symposium:
Ideological foundation of Muslim Brotherhood: Misrepresentation and manipulation

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Toward the end of 2010, the so-called Arab Spring offered the Muslim Brotherhood an opportunity to realize its historic dream – the revival of the “Caliphate and mastery of the universe.” However, the Brotherhood failed the litmus test in Egypt and Tunisia.

The events exposed the dichotomy between the Brotherhood’s ideological slogans and ideas and its political practices. Moreover, the group could not cope with the requirements of running a government, and its dreams collapsed rapidly.

The First Annual Forum on Political Islam, organized by TRENDS Research & Advisory, will discuss five themes related to the Muslim Brotherhood. To be addressed as part of the Forum, the first theme will deal with the ideological roots of the Brotherhood and analyze its journey until modern time.

The Forum’s second theme will examine the pillars of the Brotherhood’s ideological project and highlight the remnants of its dogmatic approach that exists even today. The session would also investigate the changes that have occurred in this project.

The third theme aims to examine the Brotherhood discourse's nature, characterized by a dichotomy between principles and practices.

The fourth theme will aim to foresee the future of the Brotherhood’s ideological and political project.


Theme 1: Ideological frames of reference for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Theme 2: Constants and variables of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideological foundations.

Theme 3: The Brotherhood project dilemma: Dichotomy between ideology and practice.

Theme 4: The future of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideological and political project.


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