The Future of Global Economy: Growth Challenges and Risks of Depression


The Future of Global Economy: Growth Challenges and Risks of Depression

This symposium tried to foresee the future of the global economy, find answers related to its growth trajectories after the Covid-19 pandemic, and explore the challenges facing it. It focused on the following topics:

  • What will the return to economic activity look like at the global level.
  • Will the imbalance between countries and trading blocks increase as the return to economic activities vary in speed?
  • New business models as the neo-normal: A look into the post-Covid-19.
  • The future of international economic institutions and their role in the post-Covid-19 era.

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Dr. Jean Fares Photo
Dr. Jean Fares
Economist, and Senior Advisor to the UAE government, UAE
Dr. Robert B. Koopman PhotoDr. Jeronim Capaldo profile photoRabah Arezki Photo
Dr. Robert B. KoopmanDr. Jeronim CapaldoDr. Rabah Arezki
Chief Economist and Director, Economic Research and Statistics Division, World Trade Organization - SwitzerlandEconomic Affairs Officer, Division on Globalization and Development Strategies, UNCTAD - Switzerland

Chief Economist for the Middle East and North Africa Region (MNA), The World Bank - USA

The Future of Global Economy- Growth Challenges and Risks of Depression Proceedings

: 11-August-2020

: Trends YouTube channel

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