Reopening of the National and Global Economies: The Lessons Learned


Reopening of the National and Global Economies: The Lessons Learned

This symposium has shed light on the reopening of the world’s economies citing several examples from around the globe. It focused on the following four themes:

  • Requirements for opening national economies: The economic policies perspective.
  • The unbalanced reopening of the global economy: Advanced countries VS developing and under-developed countries.
  • The dangers of anti-globalization and moves against economic openness: Current trends and lessons learned from the past.


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Sultan Al-Rubaei
Research Assistant at TRENDS, UAE
Dr. William R. White Simon LaceyRichard Woodward photoZhenhai Cui PhotoDr. Sandrine KergroachDr. Manal Shehabi
Dr. William R. WhiteSimon LaceyDr. Richard WoodwardZhenhai CuiDr. Sandrine KergroachDr. Manal Shehabi
Former Deputy Governor, The Bank of Canada, CanadaSenior Lecturer in International Trade at University of Adelaide, AustraliaAssociate Professor in International Business at Coventry University, United KingdomResearcher at ChongYang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China, ChinaDeputy Head of Division
The OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities (CFE)
OIES-KFAS Supernumerary Fellow
Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
United Kingdom


Reopening of economy Proceedings-Eng

: 28-July-2020

: Trends YouTube channel

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