Cyber Security Crisis Management: Lessons From Covid-19


Cyber Security Crisis Management: Lessons From Covid-19

This E-Discussion was a unique and innovative online gathering of international experts to examine the relationship between the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the need to maintain adequate cyber security during crisis management. The key issues were discussed will include the challenge of maintaining adequate cyber security for home working, ensuring that social media is not subject to disruption and criminal activities, the role of governments in managing cyber security risks, maintaining essential public services, and using cyber security tools to control and suppress Covid-19.

These are the key questions that were analyzed during the discussion:

  • How can individual home networks and devices connected with workplaces be secured so that they do not compromise office networks?
  • What can governments and the private sector do to strengthen cyber-crime laws and protect businesses and consumers from frauds, including hacks and phishing emails?
  • Are there adequate safeguards in place to prevent hackers from exploiting Covid-19 by using tools such as ransomware to obstruct testing and patient recovery?
  • How can personal and confidential data be protected, given the widespread use of data on electronic networks?
  • Can surveillance networks, drones, and facial recognition technology help detect and isolate individuals infected with Covid-19?

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Poster for Cyber Security Covid-19 lecture

Cyber Security proceeding for the e-discussion

: 20-May-2020

: Trends YouTube channel

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