Oil Markets in the Post-Pandemic World


Oil Markets in the Post-Pandemic World

The Covid-19 outbreak might go down in history as the most destructive event to have hit the global economy since the Great Depression. Its effect on economies around the world as well as on the international oil markets suggests that the relationship between the two is inseparable and highly correlated.

The E-Lecture will discuss several key issues of geo-strategic importance to the Middle East and the world, including oil production cuts, its impact on oil prices, and the global energy scene. It will answer many of the questions related to oil markets that have arisen recently and the trends that are expected to emerge after the Covid-19 crisis.

The discussion will center around the main drivers behind the global energy transition in the post-pandemic period, including the impact on core businesses and the role of oil and gas in future development.

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: 29-April-2020

: Trends YouTube channel

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