Deborah Edirisinghe

Founding Director, Child Action Lanka - Sri Lanka

Deborah Judith Natasha Edirisinghe has a history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. She worked with the voiceless and faceless of her country and the Asia region. In 2006, she founded a non-profit charitable organization for disadvantaged and marginalized women and children, where she serves as the chairperson. Child Action Lanka (CAL), which began with eight street children in Kandy, serves over 1,000 children and has a team of 120 individuals across seven districts.

Deborah is on a mission to educate these children and ensure that the next generation is off the streets. Edirisinghe’s work focuses on children who suffer from social exclusion and suppressed women in Sri Lanka and beyond. Deborah is committed to educate the next generation and empower women and children by influencing the legislation in her country.