Dr. Omar Al-Darei

Director-General of the UAE Fatwa Council

Dr. Omar Al-Darei is the Executive Director of Islamic Affairs at the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments. He is also a member of the UAE Fatwa Council, the Examination Committees for Imams and Muftis in and outside the UAE, and the Organizing Committee of the Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies.

Dr. Al-Darei also serves as a Preacher and Chairman of the Unified Friday Sermon Committee. His research and academic contributions include Fad As-Siqaa fi Fiqh Salat Al-Istisqaa (the jurisprudence of prayer for rain) and Al-Mawqif Al-Fqhi min Naql Al-Aada wa Gharsiha (the jurisprudential position toward organ transplant).

Dr. Al-Darei obtained a Ph.D. for his thesis titled (Tolerance in Shari’ah Law: The experience of the UAE as an example).