Dr. phil. Iyad Al-Dajani

Fellow Researcher at the Jena Center for reconciliation studies, International Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa - Germany

Dr. Phil. Iyad Al-Dajani is a researcher and an expert on violence and religious peacemaking and reconciliation through applied Internet communication technologies (ICT) and online social networks and media analysis. He researches Digital Humanities (Data Science) in innovative studies such as methodologies and analytics, mostly concerned with Applied Ethics, Practical Philosophy into methods used for ICT technologies, and researching theories of Applied Phronesis in ICT.

Most of Dr. Al-Dajani’s research areas are in Applied Computer Science and Digital Humanities. He is an ICT application reconciliation studies activist who earned a Bachelor’s in Computer Sciences and a Master’s in Regional and American Studies from the Al-Quds University. He then became a webmaster and obtained a Master’s in a web-development certificate from HackerU in Tel-Aviv.

Dr. Al-Dajani received his Ph.D. in Communication Science from Friedrich Schiller University and specialized in Applied Phronesis in Internet Communication Research Methodologies. He is a Certified Analyst using Nvivo for Windows in applying academic research methodologies for researching Data Science. Author of a book – Internet Communication Technologies for Reconciliation, Applied Phronesis Netnography in Internet Research Methodologies – Dr. Al-Dajani has also decided to go deep into the extremely dynamic field of scientific approaches to the Internet Big Data and Reconciliation Studies.