Dr. Yarjan Abdul Samad

Senior Research Associate and Senior Teaching Fellow

Dr. Yarjan Abdul Samad, Ph.D., is a Senior Research Associate and Senior Teaching Fellow at The University of Cambridge. His research work is based on developing materials for electronics, health, and space-based technologies. He was among the team of scientists on the European Space Agency (ESA)’s Zero Gravity flight, the first to test Graphene in Zero Gravity. Besides doing scientific experiments in zero gravity flights, he also performs experiments in Sounding Rockets.

Dr. Samad’s invention on cooling devices in space has been covered by international media, including Reuters, Techradar, CNET, and InnovaSpace. He has won several awards for his research work, such as The Innovator of The Year by the technology development company, The Outstanding Research Reviewer of the year 2017 by the Royal Society of Chemistry UK, Nano Today Best Scientific Presentation, and many other awards at international conferences.

He teaches Graphene Technology at the University of Cambridge and supervises numerous masters and Ph.D. students. Prior to moving abroad, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in engineering from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) in Pakistan, graduating with two gold medals (one for best academic performance and another for best overall performance).