Fatima Al Ahbabi

Head of the Arabic Language Proofreading Unit

Fatima worked as an Arabic language proofreader and a language & writing skills trainer at the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies & Research – 2021.

Also, she is an author interested in literary and cultural criticism, and she is a master’s student in linguistics – Mohamed bin Zayed University for Human Sciences.

Amongst her publications: An Existential Discontent & Monades Poetics – Out of context – Epigrammatic Prose – A collection of short stories for children (Adventures in the Values of Friendship) – Research: Right and Left Connotations – An Attempt to Probe the Meaning Origin and Meaning Bearings – Co-authoring (Research): The Foreigner Image in the Emirati Feminist Novel.

Fatima graduated from the UAE University with a Bachelor of Arts in Arabic language, and works now for TRENDS R&A in the capacity of Arabic Language Proofreading Unit Head. Also, she works Uloom Al Dar for the Abu Media Company where she presents Uloom Al Dar news bulletin.