Hasmik Barseghyan

President at the European Youth Parliament for Water (EYPW)

Future Energy Leader at World Energy Council

Hasmik Barseghyan is a professional in environmental management, focusing on water and renewable energy. Water and climate action advocate, she raises youth voices on European and international platforms, in favor of the sustainable and democratic management of resources and protection of the environment. Hasmik’s interests revolve around water quality, water and peace, climate diplomacy, environmental security, with a cross-sectoral approach.

Currently Hasmik is the president of the European Youth Parliament for Water and board member of the International Secretariat for Water.

Hasmik holds a MBA (Master in Business Administration) from the University of Nantes, France. She was a fellow at the US State Department exchange program at the Oregon State Capitol. She was a post-graduate fellow in Environmental management at TU-Dresden University in Germany.

Hasmik is affiliated and engaged in a number of international organizations and platforms, such as she is the co-leader of the Youth Engagement Platform at the United Nations Global Water Quality Alliance.

Hasmik is the co-author of two articles on ‘Youth in Water and Peace’ and ‘Water, Youth and the Pursuit of Multilateralism’ for the first analytical report of the Global Observatory for Water and Peace. Both articles have been published by the Geneva Water Hub.