Khaled Ahmed Mohammed Fayyad

Political and Strategic Affairs Expert

Before joining TRENDS Research and Advisory in the role of Senior Researcher in the Strategic Studies Department, Khaled Fayyad worked as a political advisor at Bahrain Institute for Political Development between 2011 and 2021.

During his long career, Fayyad served in roles involving political studies and research as well as political training at a number of Arab governmental and non-governmental agencies and institutions.  He also served on the Supreme Committee of the Arab Gulf Forum for Political Media in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Notable among his published books are: ‘Islamists and Democratic Practice’, ‘Political Elite in the Arab World’, ‘Press Freedom and the Future of Political Reform’, ‘Elections and Democratic Transition in the Kingdom of Bahrain’, and ‘Women and Civil Society: The Third Path to State-Building’. He has published papers in journals and periodicals, including “International Politics”, “Arab Future”, “Arab Affairs” and  “Shurufat Al-Majlis” (Oman), and written articles for several other newspapers and portals.

Fayyad gave presentations on political communication, human rights, political negotiation skills, political analysis, crisis management, and developing electoral programs.

He also participated in many Arab and international conferences in Egypt, Jordan, Cyprus, Denmark, Tunisia, Bahrain, Northern Ireland and Turkey.

He was honored as a state guest by the Republic of Tunisia in 1999 for his study “The Political Elite in Tunisia”.

Fayyad holds a BA in Political Science from Cairo University (1993), and a post-graduate diploma in political science from AMIDEAST (USA) in 1998.