Marc Ostwald

Chief Economist & Global Strategist, ADM Investor Services International, United Kingdom

Marc Ostwald is the Chief Economist & Global Strategist at ADM Investor Services International, United Kingdom. He analyzes and forecasts the impact of macro/microeconomic trends and central bank policies on a broad range of asset classes, challenging market psychology and consensus views where necessary. He realizes the constant need to learn about the changing landscape of the way that the world works, going far beyond the limited scope of economics and financial markets; be that in respect of how globalization and technology have and is transforming communication, culture, energy, and how we interact with the environment.

Ostwald believes the efforts to promote Hydrogen technology as a cornerstone of a “green recovery” from Covid-19 require intense scrutiny. The key challenges as an analyst are to enable and facilitate an in-depth critical and lateral thinking perspective on global economic, political, and asset market trends and convey these ideas in accessible and thought-provoking terms and with enthusiasm. Having spent much of his childhood in Libya and Iran, Ostwald also has a particular interest in Middle Eastern culture, current affairs, and history. Ostwald is a regular guest on Bloomberg BNN, HT & Radio, BBC, CNBC, Le Fonti International and is widely quoted on newswires, newspapers, and other digital media worldwide. He is also a regular conference speaker and guest lecturer at various universities.