Najla ALzarooni

Non-Resident Fellow - International Relations Expert

Najla Alzarooni has the education and diverse experience to make it happen. Being a PHD candidate in International Relations and holding two MAs in both International Studies & UAE Diplomacy, Najla has a well-rounded portfolio with expertise in the following areas for international relations, diplomacy and negotiations: experience as a former Emirati diplomat; analyzing and releasing daily political reports and positioning the UAE with East Asia organizations as Head of the Far East Asia Section for the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (2019); representing UAE interests to include the promotion of trade, military involvement and cultural relations as the Acting Consul General of UAE to Hong Kong (2019); enhancing the crisis management mechanism and broadening Mubadala’s global plus strategic partnerships with external communication as Secondment in the Mubadala Investment Company (2020); promoting bilateral relations, positioning the UAE in multilateral organizations and approaching a variety of stakeholders as a Senior External Relations Supervisor for the East Asia and Pacific Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation of the UAE (2020-2022).

In August 2022, Najla joined the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) as an External Relations Expert in the Country Engagement and Strategic Partnerships Department. When it comes to the ongoing global addressing of the climate change, Najla works closely in building partnerships between governments, international organizations, funders and technology developers to bring new renewable solutions. Through her role at IRENA, she has facilitated many international discussions facilitating the global green transitions. Najla is also a member of the Cop 28 capacity building program and Trends Cop 28 committee.

She is also a Senior Non-Resident Researcher for the Trends Research and Advisory Council in the UAE. Her efforts spread out as a Researcher with the China Center at Lancaster University in the UK and additionally as a researcher with the Consortium for Area Studies of Beijing International Studies University in China. She continues to make key presentations at international conferences where the topic of Manama dialogues and the topic of China are consistently discussed and brought forth for relations purposes. She shares her views through sharing opinions, commenting on key events, speaking up at TV interviews.

Najla’s experience speaks for itself. Her clear passions in both the study of Chinese affairs and East Asia affairs are humanitarian. Her work efforts are not simply for her own enjoyment but to help others maintain peace and strength in relationships through effective communication and pristine care.