Prof. Fawzi Al Ghazali

Senior Fellow / Technical Affairs Advisor

Prof. Al Ghazali is a resident researcher and Head of the Scientific Publication Unit at TRENDS Research & Advisory. Before joining the Center, he held the position of the Dean of the College of Arts and Social Sciences at Al-Hosn University and taught linguistics at Abu Dhabi University. Prof. Al Ghazali published extensive research papers and studies related to strategic, regional and social issues. He also published many studies related to extremism and terrorism and the Turkish infiltration in the Middle East region and the ideological principles underlying the Turkish foreign policy.

His research also covered a variety of linguistic topics including discourse analysis, lexicography and collocations, language proficiency, linguistic variation, language teaching strategies, Learner autonomy, and constructivist theory of learning. It is noteworthy that Prof. Al Ghazali obtained his master and doctorate degrees from the universities of Birmingham and Salford – United Kingdom. He also won many awards including the Academic Excellence and Research Award from Abu Dhabi University in 2015, and the Educational Leadership Award from the Middle East Association for Educational Leadership in 2017.