Senior Vice President at EverteamGS-Intalio

An advocate of the philosophy that humans ought to rediscover technology in order to complete its essence, and not opt for competing with it, Ramez Al Kara is a self-made technical software consultant, AI specialist, and entrepreneur whose inspirational journey in the field began at the mere age of 14.

Ramez is dedicated to harnessing the potential of digital transformation, as he is among the region’s leaders in this area, using AI, IoT, and web mobile apps to help organizations make their technological transitions, including governments, hospitals, schools, and companies willing to emerge as smart establishments. With extensive expertise in enterprise content management, he’s an unyielding believer in the universality of programming and a computer’s unique language that is founded upon order and reason, and can therefore help facilitate and organize life. As a technology evangelist, Ramez has consolidated an impressive professional trajectory delineated through prominent positions.

Recently, Ramez became a key pillar of intalio, where the organization is an eminent provider of CSP and cognitive services, aiming to revolutionize the influence of AI in the region. Following through with his diligence and zeal for technology, Ramez started the development house in Egypt and led the product team, overseeing and guiding the product’s entire life cycle, from product engineering and marketing to directing technical communication with major consultancy firms worldwide, to enable the company to position itself as a pioneering institute in AI.