William (Bill) Kemp

Co-Founder / CEO United Space Structures (USS)

Mr. William Kemp is the co-founder and designer of USS space architectures and robotics used for construction. USS is in patent pending for our in-space architectures and robotics. Currently, USS has designed four different architectures and robotics systems for constructing large structures either on the moon or Mars within lava tubes. USS is currently planning for a six-year research and development process for robotics and architecture. USS plans to have the first lunar facility complete by 2031. We will build thousands of facilities eventually.

Kemp is an award-winning program and project manager with more than 35 years of experience in mission-critical architecture, electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering design. He has worked with large national/international architectural and engineering firms. Experienced in government and private industry with a focus on data centers/NOC, command centers, hospitals, and research facility design, he is involved in all phases of the project – marketing/pitch, design/development, and construction administration.