21 Sep 2020

TRENDS E-Symposium:
Peace in the Middle East: Forging a New Path to Security and Prosperity

TRENDS Research & Advisory organized an e-symposium – Peace in the Middle East: Forging a New Path to Security and Prosperityon Monday, September 21, 2020 in collaboration with the UAE’s Al-Ittihad and Israel’s Yedioth Ahronoth newspapers.

The e-symposium was live-streamed on the TRENDS YouTube channel and other social media platforms, the symposium had simultaneous translations in Arabic and Hebrew. An elite group of 13experts worldwide addressed the symposium, which coincides with the International Day of Peace celebrated worldwide on September 21.

The symposium discussed the prospects for peace in the Middle East following the normalization of Arab-Israel relations and opportunities for cooperation in building a comprehensive and lasting peace and security in the region that meets its people’s aspirations for security stability and development.

The symposium comprised two sessions. The first session – World Peace Day: An Opportunity to Overcome the Legacy of Conflict – discussed the importance of peace as a key to stability, development, and prosperity and highlight renewed hope for peace and stability in light of the new developments in the Middle East.

The second session – Arab-Israeli Peace Agreements: New Vision for a Lasting Peace in the Middle East – underlined the new vision for building peace in the region, focusing on the new Arab perspective, the Israeli, and the US-European perspective.

This session included topics such as Prospects for Cooperation and Opportunities for Prosperity, which looked at the future outcomes of the Arab-Israeli peace agreements on political, economic, and security arenas. This topic mainly focused on the impact of these agreements on the settlement of the Palestinian cause.

The session also highlighted the prospects of bilateral and regional cooperation in various fields besides dealing with these agreements’ security implications, especially in terms of nurturing a culture of tolerance and coexistence and denouncing the hate narrative exploited by extremists in the region.

The second topic in this session was devoted to discussing the Role of the Media in Building a Culture of Peace in the Region. It emphasized how the new peace agreements offer an opportunity to introduce “the other Israel” to Arabs as an advanced country in many fields.

The session discussed how the UAE-Israel peace agreement can be a window for the Israeli society into the UAE as a successful Arab model by all international standards. It also analyzed the media’s role in bringing up new generations that believe in a future built on cooperation and peaceful coexistence.


TRENDS Research & Advisory strives to present an insightful and informed view of global issues and challenges from a strategic perspective. Established in 2014 as an independent research center, TRENDS conducts specialized studies in the fields of international relations and political, economic, and social sciences. It undertakes rigorous analyses of current issues and international and regional developments, especially in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Center analyses opportunities and challenges at various levels of the geopolitical spectrum. It evaluates scenarios and prospects to find scientific and objective answers and seeks to influence the decision-making process. TRENDS Research & Advisory aims to champion national and regional causes and build a strong network with research centers, organizations, and institutions worldwide. It also seeks to benefit from the expertise of international research and academic institutions.

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