26 Apr 2020

TRENDS Research & Advisory releases 3rd book in its series on Muslim Brotherhood

Mohammed Khalfan Al-Sawwafi

The Abu Dhabi-based TRENDS Research & Advisory continues to draw experts and researchers’ interest toward the various spheres of Arab and international affairs. The Center has stood out in this unique approach of spreading knowledge and expanding the horizons of scientific research in a significantly limited time.

Its most recent research publication – dealing with a ‘Secret Apparatus’ within the Muslim Brotherhood – positions TRENDS as a reliable resource of information dealing with one of the most relevant topics of our time, extremist ideologies and terrorism.

The new publication, which is part of a series of studies, has triggered a debate among researchers and experts studying Islamist groups. With this series, the Center has succeeded in drawing a unique knowledge roadmap that sheds light on the clandestine dimensions of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The first two publications in the series dealt with:

  • The Genesis and Evolution of the Muslim Brotherhood
  • The Organizational Structure of the Muslim Brotherhood: Features, Goals, and Prospects

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