International Public Opinion Poll on Climate Change

    TRENDS Research and Advisory Center is conducting a poll to gauge public awareness of climate change and its impact on humanity, and understand their views on the role of countries, organizations and individuals in combating climate change. Your contribution will be highly appreciated. Your answers will remain confidential, and will be used solely for research purposes.

    Demographic information:

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    4. Country


    1. Which of the following environmental issues concerns you the most? (You can choose more than one answer)

    Global warmingFlora and fauna deteriorationAir pollutionWater pollutionNuclear wasteHousehold hazardous waste

    2. The list below includes a number of threats facing our world today. Please rank the top three most significant ones in your opinion.

    Climate changeInternational terrorismPoverty and hungerSpread of infectious diseasesEconomic recessionNuclear weapons proliferationArmed conflictsGrowing world populationOthers

    3. To what extent are you concerned with climate change?

    4. To what extent do you agree or disagree that human activities are the cause of climate change?

    5. Identify three changes which you think are key indicators of global climate change. (Choose 3 answers)

    High temperaturesRising sea levels and floods in coastal areasRainfall shortageWater scarcityRising food pricesBiodiversity lossIncreased energy consumptionDecline and deterioration of public healthOthers

    6. In your opinion, how serious is the problem of climate change now? Please rate on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 means "not serious at all" and 10 means "extremely serious".

    7. In your opinion, who is responsible for combating climate change? (You can choose more than one answer)

    National governmentsRegional and international organizationsBusinessmenEveryoneEnvironmental agenciesI do not knowOthers

    8. Which of the following actions, if any, have you taken?

    I bought a new car and low fuel consumption was a major factor behind my choice.I bought an electric vehicle.I regularly opt for eco-friendly alternatives to driving, such as walking, biking, public transportation and carpooling.I enhanced the insulation of my house to reduce energy consumption.When buying a new home appliance, such as a washing machine, refrigerator or TV, low energy consumption is an important factor in my choice.I use special devices to monitor energy consumption (such as a smart meter).I have installed solar panels in my house.I take carbon footprint into consideration when making food purchases.I buy and consume less meat.I tend to buy organic foods.I try to sort my household waste for recycling on a regular basis.I try to reduce consumption of single-use items, such as supermarket plastic bags, packaging materials, etc.

    9. Have you personally done anything that contributes to combating climate change in the last six months?

    10. How would you rate the efforts made by your government to combat climate change?

    11. Do you think that the goal, adopted at global conferences on climate change, of limiting temperature rise to 1.5 C through the reduction of emissions is achievable?