To bolster Climate and Environmental Research UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and TRENDS Research Center Sign Collaborative Memorandum of Understanding


In a move to fortify climate and environmental sustainability goals, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the TRENDS Research and Advisory. The MoU establishes a platform for joint research cooperation between the two entities and is primarily aimed at fostering areas of shared interest, bolstering original research rooted in concrete evidence and facts, with the intent to generate significant benefits and services for the community.

His Excellency Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, and His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, signed the agreement at the Ministry's headquarters in Dubai.

His Excellency Mohammed Al Nuaimi confirmed that the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment is keen to expand and enhance cooperation with various entities and partners in the UAE and the world to serve its strategy aimed at developing climate and environmental work in the country and contributing to the UAE's fulfilment of its climate and environmental commitments, significantly reducing carbon emissions and achieving climate neutrality goals by 2050, in addition to enhancing biological diversity and national food security.

He said: "Research represents one of the most important solutions to understand the challenges and opportunities and what climate and environmental policies and laws can do to achieve our strategic goals. During the year of sustainability and the UAE's approaching hosting of the COP28 conference, the need to take practical steps to highlight the UAE's climate work model to the world is increasing. Cooperation with the (TRENDS) Center is an important step in enhancing environmental and climate research in the coming period."

He praised the efforts of the TRENDS Research and Advisory, the level of its publications, and its effectiveness in serving scientific research and anticipating the future, in addition to its specialization in a number of fields in which it has become a reference.

For his part, His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali, CEO of the TRENDS Research and Advisory, expressed his pleasure with this agreement, noting that TRENDS seeks to enhance its partnerships in a way that serves comprehensive knowledge, contributes to anticipating the future, and even participates in making it. He said that the field of climate and environment constitutes an important element within the interests of TRENDS. The center works within a vision and a plan to keep pace with and support the COP28 conference, through its activities and scientific conferences, in addition to what it achieves in follow-ups and activities through its daily work.

He pointed out that the synergy of scientific and practical research between the Ministry and TRENDS could result in realistic and scientific products that enhance the capabilities of both parties to serve the nation and the community.

The cooperation between the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and TRENDS focuses on areas of research and studies, in addition to foresight studies, opinion polls, the exchange of scientific publications, the exchange of experts between the two parties, benefiting from their experiences, and participating in the scientific and research events organized by both parties.

The MoU also contributes to achieving cooperation in many areas that serve the community, including conducting joint research on climate and environment, conducting various studies, anticipating future field surveys, exchanging expertise and knowledge, participating in the research events organized by both parties, arranging and organizing joint research activities such as conferences, seminars, lectures and workshops, and participating in the issuance of publications and simultaneous publishing of research reports issued under the policies and procedures followed by each party.

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