TRENDS Center celebrates International Youth Day under the slogan «Investing in Youth is an Investment in the Future»


TRENDS Research and Advisory will celebrate the International Youth Day, which falls on August 12, by launching a series of panel discussions and workshops, which last for a whole week. The aim of this event is to motivate young researchers, developing their skills, upgrade their creative tools and enable them to make sound decisions. The week-long event shall enhance their capabilities in the field of scientific research.

TRENDS Center begins this year’s celebrations of the International Youth Day with a discussion of a subject entitled: "The significance of developing relevant youth skills to suit the green economy and achieve a sustainable world". The Center shall organize a panel discussion entitled: "Youth-led Road to COP28: Active participation in promoting climate action". The discussion shall be held   next Wednesday at TRENDS Center headquarters in Abu Dhabi. A group of young talents from several entities shall contribute to the interactive discussion. The panel will focus on the extent of youth awareness of the importance of climate action and protection of the environment. Moreover, the discussion will cover youth awareness of the COP28 conference and the issues on its agenda. The discussion shall cover the issue of possible alternatives for paving the way for young people to participate effectively in the COP28 summit and place their relevant issues on the conference agenda.


Fueling the Future

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, said that the Center continues the process of empowering youth by appointing them to lead in various sectors of TRENDS Center. The Center continues to train and qualify them in the fields of scientific research, creativity, leadership, media, and various administrative and technical sectors. He added that youth are the fuel of the future as they set themselves to usher a world beyond the metaverse and modern technologies.

Dr. Al-Ali stressed that TRENDS Center has pledged since its establishment to empower young people. The Center supports and qualifies them in the fields of scientific research, knowledge and administrative skills. TRENDS Center enables young researchers to grasp the skills of conducting research and studies. They can do situation assessments and analysis, which support the decision-makers. Al-Ali indicated that TRENDS Center allowed young people to lead task teams, assume responsibility and make decisions. The aim is to build self-confidence, as young people do not represent a mere title for the future, but are the they are builders of the present and the torch of the future.


Investing in Youth

On the occasion of International Youth Day, Dr. Al-Ali called on peoples and societies around the world to intensify investment in youth, because investing in youth is an investment in the future. He explained that the challenges facing societies can only be solved by young people. This is because young people are the potential leaders of the innovation and creativity revolution. They are the most capable of harnessing modern technology in a positive manner that serves peoples and societies.