TRENDS Research & Advisory Launches e-library: The e-library is a qualitative addition to creative references and a reliable source for researchers


TRENDS Research and Advisory launched the comprehensive electronic library, which is part of its efforts and global strategy to support the cultural and creative scene. TRENDS Research and Advisory launched the comprehensive electronic library which keeps abreast with technological progress. The electronic library consists of more than 200 publications by TRENDS researchers. They include original and translated publications, scientific and knowledge books, research and studies. Furthermore, the library keeps scientific series ranging from "strategic trends, economic trends, trends on political Islam, policy papers, and lecture papers". These series cover the fields of research, science, and social issues, technology and artificial intelligence, environment and sustainable development, as well as political, security, economic, military, and other fields.

The TRENDS Electronic Library displays its diverse content in a simplified manner, through an innovative and unique panoramic way. The library is part of the TRENDS website and its smart application. It provides easy access to various publications to a large audience of experts, specialists, academics, researchers, intellectuals, and students. They can identify the objective content of these publications, studies and research with the click of a button which takes them to a world full of reliable knowledge, creativite output and serious knowledge.


Digital Platform

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, said that the launch of the electronic library is a result of TRENDS' keenness to enrich the global cultural and creative space with diverse digital content. The e-library constitutes a unique and ideal digital platform to introduce the Center's publications of books, studies and research. He added that the library promotes cultural exchange and builds bridges of knowledge to spread the values of tolerance, coexistence and fraternity. Dr. Al-Ali said that the scientific content of this library helps those interested in research, students and academics explore events and anticipate them with insightful analysis.


A safe and Reliable Hub

Dr. Al-Ali indicated that libraries are unique landmarks that showcase the level of civilizational and cultural progress of nations. They represent the treasure of research and knowledge information. In fact, libraries constitute the first reliable hub for researchers and scholars. Libraries are considered as the house of scientific research that empowers researchers and provide them with knowledge and science resources. Therefore, TRENDS Electronic Library was developed to provide general and specialized sources and various reference books.

Al-Ali stressed that the "TRENDS Electronic Library" is a product of TRENDS keenness to have effective presence in the virtual world, which is developing day by day. The e-library embodies the Center's global strategy aimed at enhancing the spread of scientific and research knowledge at all levels, especially through the Internet. The Internet has facilitated the flow of information, exchange of knowledge and made peoples more aware of the events, issues and developments around them.


Keeping abreast with technological development

The CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory stated that the Center e-library, is a qualitative addition to the creative knowledge space. The library shall support reading, spread knowledge, facilitates learning about different cultures and languages, and delivers easy access to the information that individuals need. The e-library can be used in various researches, because it is characterized by flexibility, effectiveness and extensive memory that keeps in line with technological development. The search for content is fast and highly accurate, thanks to the unique classification of its sections and content focus This makes the e-library a reliable reference for specialists, researchers and students.


Accurate information

Shamma AlKaabi, Director of TRENDS Smart Lab indicated that the "TRENDS Electronic Library" provides reliable and accurate information on the form that users need. The e-library includes publications, reports, research papers and various videos that satisfy the passion for knowledge of readers and those interested. It features an outlet for selling the publications of the TRENDS Center. She explained that the library's database is updated periodically. The platform itself is run by a specialized and trained team, making it easier for library visitors to access information, references and sources at any time.


References and publications

The TRENDS e-Library is full of a wide range of references and publications, most notably the books entitled "The Road to COP28: Climate Change and Cybersecurity", "The Strategic Position of the Kurdistan Region in the Iraqi-Turkish Relations after 2003", ""Biden's Policy Towards the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf", "African Attractiveness   to Foreign Direct Investment", "Monetary and Financial Stability in the Eurozone", "The European Experience in Promoting a Circular Economy", "The Relationship between the Banking Sector and Economic Growth in African Oil Countries", and "Divergent Trends in Cybersecurity:  Cyber Pulse Initiative, a Case study."

The library also includes books «Stock Markets: The regulatory role, determinants of efficiency and future prospects", and "Soft power and the role of the judiciary in enhancing it", "Money laundering crime: its concept, dimensions and its effects the strategies to combat them", "Women and civil society: the third way to build the state", "The relationship between improving the business environment and the flow of foreign direct investment", "The Russian-Ukrainian war and the future of biological warfare", "Innovation, competitiveness and growth in the eurozone", and "The European Union strategy to combat Somali piracy, an unfinished business", and others.

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