TRENDS Center Celebrates International Youth Day Participants in a panel discussion call for global initiatives that embrace the ideas of young people, and enable them to engage in promoting climate action


Youth participants in a panel discussion stressed that the growing environmental challenges around the world require activating the role of youth in confronting environmental issues and climate change.  They also require concerted efforts by all active groups in societies, especially youth, in order to address climate change and reduce its catastrophic effects on humanity. There is an urgent need for effective work to achieve sustainable development goals and prepare for the green economy. This could be achieved by serious engagement in climate action and participation in more constructive discussions to generate applicable solutions.

The discussion panel entitled: "Youth and COP28, Active participation in promoting climate action", was organized by the TRENDS Youth Council, as part of the TRENDS Research and Advisory celebrations of the International Youth Day. The participants stressed the need to launch more effective global initiatives that embrace the ideas of young people, focus on them and promote their constructive contributions that deal with environmental risks resulting from climate change.

The speakers indicated that young people are not just victims of climate change, they are indeed important contributors to climate action. They are also agents of change, entrepreneurs and innovators, who are able to intensify their efforts and adapt their skills to accelerate climate action. This could be done through education, training, science or technology.


Broad participation

The discussion witnessed a wide participation of young people, including: Dr. Noura Al Karbi, an academic in the Department of Sociology - University of Sharjah, Khalifa Khalid, Secretary General of the Emirates Students Association, Suad AlHosani, Member of the Abu Dhabi Youth Council, Nouf Al Qadi, Member of the Environment Agency Youth Council - Abu Dhabi, Maitha Al Mansouri, Member of the Environment Agency Youth Council - Abu Dhabi, Omar Khalifa Al Sheryani, Member of the Youth Council of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security and Abdullah Al Dhaheri, Vice Chairman of the Council of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan Center and Yara Al-Jitan, Project Coordinator at the Arab Youth Council for Climate Change.


Youth Empowerment

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, welcomed the attendees and stressed that TRENDS is keen to support youth and enhance their role in society. He said the Center continues to qualify young people in various fields of scientific research and creativity, based on TRENDS' firm belief that investing in youth is a successful investment in the future.

Dr. Al-Ali stated that youth are the drivers of the future. He stressed the need to enhance the role of youth in societies and make the most of their energy, especially in relation to the urgent issues facing countries and governments.  Environmental issues and climate change stand at the forefront of these concerns.


Unlimited Support

Saqr Al-Sharif, Director of the Training Department and Chairman of the TRENDS Youth Council, explained that TRENDS is keen to provide many opportunities for young people to prove their active role in serving the country and society. The Center provides them with unlimited support to prove their ability to lead and think creatively. This would prepare an empowered generation of young researchers, who shall be equipped with knowledge and tools of serious scientific research.

Al-Sharif said: "From this standpoint, TRENDS Center announces the Green Research Competition for Youth, as part of the Center's keenness to activate the role of youth in confronting environmental and climate issues, especially in the context of the upcoming COP28 conference.


Young Competencies

Sultan Al Rubaei. Acting Deputy Head of Research & Advisory at TRENDS Center, moderated the discussion, where a number of young competencies from several parties participated. They discussed the extent of youth awareness of the significance of climate action and environmental protection.

He indicated that the discussion focused on youth awareness of the importance of climate action and environmental protection, youth awareness of COP28 and the issues on its agenda, as well as how young people can participate effectively in the success of COP28. Young people should highlight their issues on the agenda of the conference.

Al Rubaei stated that the International Youth Day is an important occasion to recognize the creativity of young people. They are a symbol of strength, energy, enthusiasm and optimism. They have the ability to leave a positive impact on societies through their constructive contributions. Sultan Al Rubaei added that we live in a world facing great challenges, the most important of which is climate change, which represents an existential threat to humanity. This makes the COP28 a significant event, through which young people express their commitment to address the challenges of climate change.


Investing in youth

Wardah Al Menhali, Director of the Corporate Communication Department, member of the TRENDS Youth Council, said that the past has seen the steps drawn by young people. The present are leaps taken by youth energies, and the future is a vision led by pioneer young people. Yesterday the goal was to pay attention to young people and develop their talents, promote the concept of youth empowerment, focus on their issues, as well as highlight the importance of investing in their energies. She added that today more than half of the planet is young people, who have proven their role in all fields. They have become a source of inspiration to others, and empowering them has become a priority for the international community.


Meaningful Recommendations

The participants proposed a set of recommendations, including: the need to launch more effective global initiatives that embrace the ideas of young people and the need to introduce young people to the environmental challenges generated by climate change. The participants called on young people to engage in promoting community awareness of environmental issues and climate change. There is a need to establish an integrated set of daily sustainable behaviors that inspire their peers, preserve the accomplishments of their communities and achieve economic development goals. This could be achieved through preserving the environment and confronting the causes of climate change.

The contributors explained that climate change has worsened during the past decades. It poses a significant threat to human health and wellbeing. Therefore, everyone must join hands in order to confront these challenges. The role of young people is vital here, because they have a leading role in confronting these threats. The speakers added that young people have the ability and enthusiasm to contribute positively to climate action, by intensifying their efforts and using their scientific and cultural skills to address environmental and climate challenges.