Sport as a universal language is a powerful tool to promote peace, tolerance and coexistence TRENDS Center forms a sports committee to emphasize the significance of evidence-based research in supporting the sports sector.


Trends Center for Research and Advisory is keen to promote the concept of sports, and to emphasize the importance of research in supporting the sports sector. Therefore, TRENDS Center formed a sports committee to launch scientific initiatives and programs that encourage individuals to exercise in optimal ways and enhance the fundamental concept of sport.

The committee shall promote the optimal practice of sport and make it a style of life. Sport is a universal language and an effective tool. It contributes significantly to promoting the concepts of peace, tolerance and coexistence. Sports spreads a culture of acceptance by bringing people together across boundaries, cultures and religions.


Supporting sustainable development

Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of Trends Center for Research and Advisory, said that the TRENDS Sports Committee is part of the research and scientific efforts of TRENDS Center in support of various social sectors. He said that sport supports the principles of sustainable development, peace and understanding between peoples. Sports enhances community and social cohesion. These are the same principles supported by the TRENDS research strategy, which seeks to promote a culture of tolerance, acceptance and the dissemination of positive values in society.

Dr. Al-Ali stated that sports plays a vital role in all societies. It is a strong platform of communication and interaction that can be used to promote a culture of peace and encourage rejection of violence, intolerance, hatred and extremism. He explained that sport will remain one of the most effective tools in promoting sustainable development goals. Sports provides an opportunity that inspires a global movement for inclusive development worldwide, and harness sports for the promotion of peace and development.


Sports Diplomacy

The CEO of Trends Research and Advisory indicated that scientific research contributes to anticipating the future of the sports sector. It uses analytical tools, accurate research criteria, and innovative methods for addressing the subject. He said that TRENDS Center supports the sports field through research output. TRENDS has recently released a study entitled: “The Economic Impact of Football and its Role in Accelerating British Economic Recovery and Growth”. The study analyzed the contribution of sporting activities to the generation of a 'cycle of growth' in the GDP.

Dr. Al-Ali added that TRENDS Center has organized an international symposium on "Sports Diplomacy as a Tool of Soft Power: Opportunities & Challenges”. The participants agreed that Sport has been an effective tool in enhancing international relations and a useful means for laying the foundations of peace and stability.  It contributed to human development and spread a culture of tolerance, coexistence, and acceptance.


Promoting Loyalty and Sense of Belonging

Fahad Al-Mahri, Head of the Dubai Sector at TRENDS Research and Advisory, Chairman of the Sports Committee, stressed that sport is an essential tool in shaping the corporate identities of nations. It enhances the spirit of loyalty and solidifies the sense of belonging and unity. Sports enhances the bonds of social cohesion. Which makes it imperative for governments and individuals alike to activate the educational role in this respect. Public awareness shall nurture and enhance athletic culture as a necessity of social life.

Al-Mahri stressed the importance of adopting scientific and research methods to motivate various sectors of society and educate them on adopting an athletic approach to life. This would help them avoid the risk of diseases due to low level or absence of physical activity.

The Head of the Dubai Sector explained that sport is an important tool through which new relations between countries can be built, while enhancing their own identity and sense of belonging to the nation. Sports can also be used on an international level to improve foreign relations, given the fact that sport has become a tool for achieving soft power. It is also used as a means to promote international association and build new political bonds, economic and bridges between nations.

Al-Mahri indicated that sport activities have been effective in promoting the goals of peace, sustainable development and social progress. Sport competitions encourage tolerance and mutual respect. It contributes to the empowerment of women, youth, individuals and societies. This aspect is embodied in the vision and the research and knowledge programs of TRENDS Center.

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