TRENDS and a Swiss Advisory Network sign a memorandum of cooperation in research fields The two sides shall exchange experts and organize joint international conferences


TRENDS Research and Advisory signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Swiss International Advisory Network (SIAN). The Two sides shall benefit from the expert insights and experience accumulated by both sides in the fields of research and science, training and development. Moreover, the agreement shall enhance joint cooperation between the two parties to hold joint international conferences, forums and seminars.

The memorandum was signed as part of TRENDS' global outreach. It fulfils the objectives of the Center strategic plan and openness to international academic and research institutions. It helps build a network of research and scientific relations and partnerships with major think tanks. The memorandum was signed by Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, and Ahmed Suleiman, Executive Director of the Swiss International Advisory Network (SIAN).

Research Strategy

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, said that TRENDS is keen to enhance relations with international research, scientific and advisory institutions. This approach is a key axis of TRENDS' research strategy. The long history of these reputable centers, such as SIAN, contribute effectively to the promotion of applied scientific research.

Dr. Al-Ali stressed that TRENDS will benefit from the memorandum of cooperation, in providing access to the capabilities and expertise of the Swiss International Advisory Network (SIAN), especially in the fields of exchange of experts, training and joint scientific research. He indicated that the memorandum aims to promote research and knowledge outputs at regional and international levels, which requires the two parties to transform this cooperation and partnership into tangible deliverables of accurate scientific output.

Al-Ali pointed out that the memorandum also aims to enhance scientific and research cooperation between the two parties in areas of common interest. The agreement shall help the two sides achieve their goals of supporting genuine scientific research, diversify sources and serve the community.

Constructive Cooperation

Ahmed Suleiman, Executive Director of the Swiss International Advisory Network (SIAN), praised the fruitful and constructive cooperation and partnership with TRENDS. He expressed his hope that it achieves the desired results. He explained that the Swiss Advisory Network focuses on international legislation and regulation, conducts research and provides advice in the fields of cybersecurity. The Swiss Network delivers services that include energy, sustainability, health, technology and artificial intelligence, as well as solutions to international issues.

Mr. Suleiman stated that TRENDS Research and Advisory is a distinguished think tank. This is manifested by the quality of its research output and objective studies that serves targeted purposes. He praised TRENDS’s strong periodic seminars and conferences, which facilitate the mutual exchange of scientific research and creative activities between the two sides. 

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