Award includes 4 diverse areas. Nominations will open on September 9, 2023 «TRENDS» Announces the Launch of its Award for Scientific Research


TRENDS Research and Advisory launched the TRENDS Hub Award for Scientific Research, which aims to encourage researchers, at the regional and global levels, to conduct creative and effective research on various issues of interest to TRENDS.

The award, which opens for nomination on September 9 of each year, includes four diverse research areas. The first research area includes "political issues, security and military affairs", the second area targets "economic development issues, climate and sustainability". The third field is related to "cultural and social issues", and the fourth deals with "technology and artificial intelligence".


Supporting Scientific Excellence

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, said that the announcement of the TRENDS Hub Award for Scientific Research reflects TRENDS' belief in the need to encourage creative scientific research, support scientific excellence and promote innovation and leadership. It empowers researchers and promote their research output regionally and globally. Furthermore, the Award creates a competitive context to enhance research and knowledge output and create constructive scientific dynamics.

"The launch of the award reflects our belief that honoring researchers who are making great progress in various fields of scientific research is not only a recognition of their achievements, but also inspires other researchers and urge them to strive for excellence and innovation,” Dr. Al-Ali said.


Annual Award

Dr. Al-Ali stressed that the award is the first step by the "Trends Hub" platform to encourage researchers to conduct scientific research. This would improve the quality of scientific output regionally and globally. Al-Ali added that the award will be run annually and consists of three incentive rewards covering the four research areas of the award.

The CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory stated that TRENDS will open the nominations for the award on September 9, of each year. This date coincides with the TRENDS anniversary. The nomination in the four areas of the award closes in February of each year. The winning research shall be announced and the awards shall be handed to the winners on the 9th of September each year.


Research Platform

Huda Al Hammadi, Chairperson of the Award’s Organizing Committee, said that the TRENDS Hub Award for Scientific Research is the first initiative for the TRENDS Hub platform. This is a research platform that provides opportunity for researchers to publish their insightful research papers. The text of such papers shall not exceed six thousand words, provided that it expresses a solid vision and offers an integrated coverage of the issue under study. Dr. Al-Ali added that the platform shall complete TRENDS' busy march to serve scientific research in all fields.


Terms and criteria

Huda Al Hammadi explained that nomination for the award requires fulfilment of conditions that must be met by the applicant for the award. These include that the candidate should hold a higher academic qualification in the field of the study. The researcher must conduct the research paper independently. There is a set of criteria associated with the research paper, most notably: it should meet the scientific criteria approved by TRENDS. The research paper must be original individual work, untranslated, unpublished, and not submitted for publication by a third party.  The research must be delivered in correct idiomatic Arabic or English language. The Study must use valid citations, reliable information and proper referencing.

The Chairperson of the Organizing Committee of the Award noted that TRENDS is in the process of forming an independent academic referee panel of experts. This panel shall consist of prominent figures in each field of the award. The referees shall review, vetting and assessing the nominated papers, provided that the evaluation criteria include the significance and impact of research and the extent of its commitment to the approved methodology of research. The award panel shall receive the applicant and nominated research papers via e-mail: [email protected].


Trends Hub Awards

The award will be won by the top first three nominees from the list of research papers submitted for consideration, in line with the four areas of the award. The top three nominated researchers shall be granted a "certificate of appreciation" each. The honorarium shall be ($ 5,000) for the top winner, $ 3,000 for the second and $ 2,000 for the third winners. The winning studies will be published on electronic platforms and through various TRENDS’ social media accounts. The winning researchers will be granted the opportunity to be nominated for a research fellowship at TRENDS Research and Advisory. Also, the winners will have priority in attending the training courses held by Trends in their respective fields of research.

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