TRENDS and Al Jazira Sports Club emphasize the Significance of scientific research in supporting sports The two sides discussed aspects of cooperation in areas of common interest


A delegation from TRENDS Research and Advisory paid a visit to Al Jazeera Sports Club of Abu Dhabi and reviewed aspects of cooperation in areas of common interest. The two sides stressed the significance of scientific research in promoting sports activities, which represent a global language of spreading a culture of peace, coexistence and tolerance.

The TRENDS delegation was headed by Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, while Aljazeera Club side was represented by Ali Yousef Al Hammadi, Aljazeera Club Group Chief Executive Officer and a number of senior officials from both sides.

The discussion covered the significance of scientific research in envisioning the future of the sports sector. This sector has its own experts and professional analysts who have immense experience that enables them to deliver accurate research work. They also use innovative methods for dealing with emerging issues of this athletic sector. This is in addition to the pivotal role of electronic opinion polls and field surveys in exploring the opinions of the clubs’ fans and their satisfaction with their sports team’s performance. Opinion polls are an effective indicator in developing the performance of sports teams.

Future Foresight Methodology

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, said that scientific research plays a major role in the development of sports. Research is a systematic means of exploring and foreseeing the prospects of phenomena, follow trends and solve problems. Scientific research is of great significance in achieving progress at all levels, through the establishment of standards that provide solutions for problems facing any field, including the sports sector.

The CEO of TRENDS Center indicated that scientific research is a reliable source of knowledge. It explores facts that may benefit the sports sector and the athletes themselves and help them overcome some of the training or coaching problems. Also, Research can solve the problems that hinder the progress of the sports sector. It can develop the performance level and the potential for assessing future levels of performance.

Dr. Al-Ali stressed the significance of scientific research in feeding the community with accurate sports information. They can also be acquainted with the current reality of the sports sector and access the right information and data for planning sports training. This can be done by assessing the faults and correcting them.

Accurate Solutions

Ali Yousef Al Hammadi, CEO of Al Jazira Club Group, praised the research and knowledge efforts delivered by TRENDS Center and its global strategy which supports the sports sector. He said that scientific research is an essential tool in the development of the football sector and sports clubs in general. This due to the fact that the methodology of research, laboratory and field experiments, case studies and surveys can help identify problems and address them in a quick and accurate manner. The output shall be based on solid scientific foundations.

Al Hammadi stressed that sports must rely on scientific research and make it its main tool to deliver creative and innovative solutions. New data in the sports field has to reconsider many contemporary issues. It should rely on sound research methodologies, which can identify difficulties and manage them with diverse and meaningful tools of analysis.

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