To promote Knowledge, culture and intellectual output TRENDS and Aljewa Culture & Media sign media and research cooperation agreement.


TRENDS Research and Advisory has signed a cooperation agreement with Al- Aljewa Culture & Media group to enhance cooperation and partnership between the two sides in the fields of research, media, consulting and training. The two sides shall expand their knowledge base and benefit from their mutual scientific output and expertise.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, and Afra Saif Al Hameli, General Manager of Aljewa Culture & Media group. The signing ceremony was attended by Mohammed Al Mubarak, CEO of Aljewa Culture & Media group and a number of heads of sectors and directors of departments at TRENDS Research and Advisory.

The cooperation agreement shall open a new window for constructive cultural exchange and cognitive and intellectual activity to confront hate speech, extremism and violence and spread a culture of tolerance and peaceful coexistence.


Culture of Tolerance

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, said that media institutions have various visual, audio and print resources. Such resources can be used as the first buffer against hate speech, extremism and violence. Media entities spare should save no effort to spread a culture of tolerance and peaceful coexistence. He praised the educational role played by Aljewa Culture & Media group through its various platforms.

Dr. Al-Ali lauded the spirit of cooperation between TRENDS and Aljewa Culture & Media group. He stressed that the two parties are determined to transform this cooperation agreement into joint projects that serve scientific research, culture and creative thinking. This effort supports research and promotes scientific output at the Arab and international levels.

Dr. Al-Ali stressed that the signing of the agreement falls within the framework of TRENDS Research and Advisory keenness to embrace various local, regional and international media and research institutions. The ultimate objective is to support TRENDS’ efforts in promoting scientific research and develop a generation capable of conducting sound research and participate effectively in shaping the future.




Afra Al Hameli, General Manager of Aljewa Culture & Media group, headquartered in Al-Dhafra of the UAE Western Region, said that the signing of the cooperation agreement with the Trends Research and Advisory coincides with the new launch of Aljewa upcoming projects. Chief among them is the launch of Al-Dhafra weekly newspaper, which will soon return to its new look with wide scope that extends From Al Dhafra to all parts of the UAE. The paper shall feature Emirati content that focuses on national identity and cultural specificity of Emirati society. The newspaper will play an important role in providing a model for effective and purposeful community journalism.

Al-Hamli said that Trends Research and Advisory is considered the most influential among peer research centers at the present time. In fact, TRENDS is promoting the values of peace, fraternity and dialogue. It encourages creative ideas, transfer of knowledge and supports research output of Emirati researchers. “The signing of the joint agreement shall enhance cooperation efforts in all matters that serve the community, promote knowledge and develop field research.