TRENDS and a Chinese academic delegation discuss mechanisms to enhance research and knowledge exchange


TRENDS Research and Advisory received a visiting Chinese academic delegation at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi. The two sides discussed mechanisms for enhancing research cooperation and knowledge exchange. They discussed the potential for partnerships in scientific research fields that analyze and address current global issues and events. The meeting also discussed the importance of enhancing constructive interaction between global think tanks, academic and research institutions in harnessing knowledge for shaping the future.

The Chinese delegation included Jocelyn Ma, co-founder of the Global Law Forum, Munther Sajjad Bashary, political expert at Tsinghua and Fudan Universities in China, Jeff Niu, researcher at Yenching Academy, Justin Olsvik, researcher specializing in communications at Tsinghua University and Louis Tellar, journalist specializing in blockchain, science and cryptography.

The meeting discussed ways to enhance knowledge transfer and exchange in the field of research and studies on topics of common interest. The two sides considered the possible exchange of scientific and professional experiences, publications and the delivery of joint research projects, in a way that enhances cultural and intellectual exchange.


Future Visions

Awadh Al-Breiki, Chief of TRENDS Global Sector, welcomed the Chinese academic delegation. He briefed them on the research and scientific activities of TRENDS Research and Advisory, its global strategy of spreading the values of peace, tolerance and coexistence. He added that TRENDS attaches great importance to coordination and cooperation with international academic and research institutions. Al-Breiki said that these scientific institutions have immense research capabilities and future visions. He indicated that TRENDS Research and Advisory is keen to develop research and scientific partnerships to enable it to become a bridge for knowledge and academic communication between reputable universities and think tanks, both regionally and internationally.

Al-Breiki stressed that TRENDS and Chinese academic and research institutions support intellectual and research cooperation, because of its role in developing useful frameworks that help enhance common understanding of global issues. He stressed regular meetings, scientific forums, research conferences and knowledge events provide clearer understanding and deliver accurate insights into various current events around the world. This is in addition to the importance of research and academic partnerships in bridging the points of view on these issues.


Knowledge Reference

The Chinese academic delegation praised the vision of the Trends Research and Advisory of anticipate the future and participate in making it. He applauded TRENDS scientific and knowledge mission, its ambitious goals and its global outreach strategy. The delegation said that regard TRENDS as a knowledge reference and a unique platform. It conducts reliable research products, studies and analyses that reject violence, extremism and hatred. They appreciated TRENDS efforts in promoting the values of tolerance, peace and coexistence.

The Chinese delegation indicated that the Chinese academic and research institutions are open for cooperation with regional and international think tanks and research centers. They believe in the significance of mutual roles and exchange of visions on global current issues. The Chinese visitors stressed that scientific and knowledge exchange between universities and research centers has a great role in exploring these issues accurately and developing Scientific approaches, effective solutions and strategies to address them.

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