The Two sides will benefit from the Exchange of Experience.. «TRENDS» and the Russian «PIR» Center Sign a Cooperation MOU



TRENDS Research and Advisory and the Russian PIR Think Tank center signed a mutual cooperation agreement that defines ways of coordination in scientific research fields. The two sides shall achieve their common goals in supporting scientific research, especially in the field of nuclear proliferation studies and global security.


The agreement was signed for TRENDS by Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, and by Dr.  Orlov, Director and Founder of PIR Center, during the latter visit to TRENDS headquarters in Abu Dhabi.







The MoU shall enhance cooperation between the two sides and develop coordination between in scientific research. The two parties shall pursue joint activities, hold joint seminars, as well as develop exchange of experts and researchers.


Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali explained that TRENDS is keen to strengthen cooperation with peer think tanks, research centers and academic institutions.  TRENDS is interested to develop joint cooperation with international research centers which share its goals and visions for the future, using objective methodology and credible knowledge. The Russian "PIR" Center has specialized expertise in scientific research on nuclear weapons and issues of non-proliferation of WMDs. “This will reflect positively on the promotion of TRENDS studies on the future and promote constructive cooperation between the two parties in delivering trusted scientific output” Dr. Al-Ali said.







The CEO of TRENDS stated that the Center believes that cooperation between think tanks, research institutions, their analysts and experts allows for the exchange of ideas and the mobilization of resources and capabilities in a better way. It helps in introducing the best practices and proposing the necessary policies to deal with the relevant issues, events and analyze them with scientific insights.


Dr. Orlov expressed his pleasure in cooperating with TRENDS Research and Advisory, and said that the center is known for its original research publications and global output. He said that TRENDS has positioned itself as one of the most important think tanks in the region. He indicated that cooperation with TRENDS shall enrich the research endeavors of both sides. Moreover, it will facilitate the delivery and transfer of knowledge to a wide audience in both countries and beyond.







Dr. Orlov, who is also a reputed researcher praised TRENDS' efforts to correct misguided concepts. He appreciated TRENDS effort in foresight research through valuable contributions by young experts and researchers.



 The PIR Center is a leading Russian NGO specializing in the study of nuclear non-proliferation, disarmament and global security issues.  It delivers a wide range of scientific, regulatory and advisory activities that enhance the role and position of the world's expert community.


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