«TRENDS» and «American University of Sharjah» sign a joint MOU on research cooperation



American University of Sharjah (AUS) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the leading research Center TRENDS Research & Advisory.


The agreement shall establish a general framework for cooperation and coordination between the two parties in the field of scientific research and academic exchange. The two sides shall achieve their common goal of supporting genuine scientific research, expanding its base and diversifying its sources. The MOU shall facilitate the process of offering qualitative research projects for serving the local community and society at large. It is intended to support policy makers and help the public opinion to make sound decisions on the basis of accurate data.


The memorandum seeks to promote joint cooperation in the fields of research, specialized studies, surveys and online opinion polls. The agreement highlights a number of areas in which the two organizations will cooperate, including collaborating to provide opportunities for experts, researchers and non-resident fellows of both parties. The two sides shall participate in research events organized by each of them.







Scientific research support

Dr. Juan Sanchez, AUS Provost and Chief Academic Officer, said: "We are delighted to enter into this partnership with TRENDS Research & Advisory, which represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to fostering academic and research excellence. This collaboration will provide us with an invaluable opportunity to expand our knowledge base and share our expertise with a wider audience. We look forward to working closely with TRENDS to support genuine scientific research and contribute to the development of our local community and society at large".




Fruitful cooperation

Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of the Trends Research and Advisory, said that cooperation with American University of Sharjah ushers a pivotal stage in the field of studies and research in the social, economic and philosophical fields. The agreement contributes to promoting the goals of comprehensive and sustainable development and promotes the shared values of tolerance and coexistence.


Dr. Al-Ali stated that the Memorandum of Understanding between “TRENDS” and “AUS” represents an important addition to scientific research and fruitful knowledge production and transfer. He said that the agreement shall open new prospects for fruitful cooperation that paves the ground to achieve the common goals of both sides, in the field of serious academic research.







Academic and Intellectual Institution

The CEO of Trends appreciated the constructive role played by American University of Sharjah in all fields of scientific research. He praised the university which he described as a global academic, educational and intellectual institution, providing a unique model in academic teaching of social sciences through various programs. The university is preparing a generation of young researchers who are capable of doing meaningful research based on creativity and constructive critical thinking. Dr. Al-Ali said that the MOU shall encourage young talents to learn and help the society in achieving the paramount goals of sustainable development.


Al-Ali stated that the memorandum of understanding establishes fruitful relations between the two parties, and expands the knowledge base to benefit from the accumulated research expertise of both sides in areas of common interest. He noted that the agreement promotes communication networks with regional and international outreach, links with academic partners and optimize the use of research data available to each party.







Exchange of experience

Fahad Al-Mahri, Chief of Research & Advisory Sector, indicated that cooperation with research centers and higher academic institutions has become an urgent necessity. It provides mutual benefit from research experience and facilitate access to trusted database and information by both sides. He indicated that such mutual cooperation contributes to a deeper understanding of various issues, which could be studied from a holistic perspective.


Al-Mahri added: «The signing of the memorandum of understanding with the American University of Sharjah supports scientific research and academic cooperation. The Two parties shall exchange insights and ideas on issues and developments of interest to both sides«. He added, «the MOU shall play an effective role in achieving the university’s mission aimed at enabling the students and other segments of society to contribute initiative for creativity and constructive thinking».


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