TRENDS and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalid Cultural Center signed joint Agreement to Collaborate on Research Projects



The Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan Cultural Center and TRENDS Research and Advisory signed a bilateral agreement on cooperation in the field of research and training. The agreement shall serve the goals of both sides in the promotion of knowledge. It enhances the capabilities of young people through events, initiatives and activities run by the two centers. Such activities shall empower the young generation and promote scientific research with a global vision.

The agreement was signed at the headquarters of Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid Center in Al Ain. It was initialed by Sheikha Dr. Shamma bint Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan Cultural and Educational Institution and Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory. The event was attended by senior officials and researchers from both sides.





Sheikha Shamma welcomed the signing of agreement which she hailed as a means to enhance the capabilities of young people, encourage joint research work, and promote fruitful cooperation in all aspects of knowledge. It will provide opportunities for future-oriented visions about current events.


Dr. Shamma praised TRENDS' efforts and its trusted research output. She said the Center work enhances the promotion of serious scientific research and empower young people in particular. Dr. Shamma stressed the role of research in analyzing events and providing balanced insights to help understand challenges and develop appropriate solutions. Sheikha Shamma praised the quality and wide range of "TRENDS" publications. She noted the valuable contributions by TRENDS’ young researchers. TRENDS has a track record of distinguished participations in global book fairs. TRENDS has positioned its brand name as a bridge of Knowledge and a global research destination.







Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali expressed his pleasure at signing a cooperation agreement with the Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan Cultural Center. He expressed his appreciation to Sheikha Dr. Shamma and her team, praising the Center's efforts, contributions, knowledge dissemination and cultural initiatives which serve the community. Dr. Al-Ali stressed that knowledge based on reliable scientific research is an indispensable pillar in achieving national advancement and sustainable development.


The agreement includes, among other things, the implementation of joint programs and initiatives and the promotion of areas of cooperation that invest in youth and women and enhance their capabilities. This shall be achieved through training, holding surveys, and the exchange of expertise and experience between the two parties. This would serve the strategic objectives of both TRENDS and the Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid Cultural Center. It will promote various work mechanisms for mutual benefits.






Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan Cultural Center is an active cultural institution, based in Al Ain. The Center has strategic mission of encouraging volunteering efforts as a catalyst for promoting culture and knowledge. Its mission is based on knowledge development, cultural and civilizational progress, and technological advancement. The Center allows members of the community to compete in contemporary economics and face the different challenges of globalization. The center works under the motto: "Towards a Socio-cultural and conscious partnership.” It invests in the creative energies of individuals with an insightful vision, looking forward to an optimistic and bright future. The MBK Center invest in diversity and harness the latest technological sciences to achieve its mission.


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