TRENDS study stresses that cyber attacks have become a source of threat to the security and economies of countries.. and highlights Best global practices in confronting them



Trends Research and Advisory released a new study that affirmed that cyber attacks have become a major threat to the national security and economic stability of countries. The study explained that many governments have attached greater importance to the issue and adopted different strategies to confront these attacks, whose dangers are ever increasing.

The study, entitled "Enhancing Cybersecurity and Preserving National Security", prepared by the Research and Studies Department at TRENDS, stated that these strategies focus on improving cybersecurity capabilities, protecting critical infrastructure, promoting international cooperation and increasing public awareness on cyber threats.

The study showed that while the threat of cyberattacks continues to evolve and grow, several countries and the UAE in particular, have taken important measures to meet this complicated challenge. This made it possible to achieve remarkable successes in responding to cyber attacks, which were repelled effectively.

The study indicated that countries are keen to develop their cyber capabilities, and they are making great strides in this respect. States are continuing to invest in cybersecurity measures and enhance cooperation, so that they can defend against cyber threats and protect their digital assets. This would lead to the creation of a safer local and global digital landscape.

The study comes as part of TRENDS research efforts in the field of artificial intelligence and advanced technologies, indicated that these measures were created by the increasing dependence of countries, institutions and individuals on communication and technology services.

Most sectors, institutions and governments are conducting diverse programs of deep digital transformation. This necessitates serious preparation, readiness and attention to digital infrastructure and the provision of qualified human resources. Governments and companies have introduced vigorous security standards to confront the increasing flow of cyber attacks that undermine their national interests and target public and private institutions.

The study reviewed several themes, namely, the importance of enhancing the cybersecurity and how to measure it. Governments adopt the relevant strategies to counter cyberattacks and secure their electronic space. They develop effective plans to benefit from the best international practices in promoting cybersecurity against emerging attacks, like the recent ones.


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