TRENDS and Sharjah Media Office stress the importance of promoting Research and Media partnerships



The Sharjah Government Media Office and TRENDS Research and Advisory discussed ways to enhance cooperation and develop partnership between the two parties in areas of common interest. The two sides meeting focused on areas of research, studies, training and development of skills. They discussed the exchange of knowledge and experiences related to the two parties, their fields of work and reviewed the best practices followed by each of them.


This meeting was held where His Excellency Tariq Saeed Allay, Director General of the Sharjah Government Media Office, received TRENDS delegation at Al Majaz Theater in Sharjah. The delegation was headed by Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of Trends Research and Advisory. The audience was attended by heads of sectors and directors of departments and officials from both parties.





Supporting creativity


His Excellency Tariq Saeed Allay, Director General of the Sharjah Government Media Office, valued the important and constructive role of TRENDS Research and Advisory in supporting scientific research at the local, regional and global levels. He praised the center's vision, its global orientations and valuable scientific mission. He noted the center’s goals in support of cognitive and cultural creativity and interest in social science.


H.E Allay indicated that the research and intellectual output of TRENDS is characterized by genuineness, reliability and accuracy. He said that the Center produces empirical studies and objective researches. He praised TRENDS excellent research products which address regional and global issues with a clear strategic vision. TRENDS center is targeting various segments of the society. H.E Allay appreciated TRENDS’ efforts at empowering young researchers, preparing and qualifying them to spread the message of science and work for knowledge transfer.





Exchange of experience

Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of Trends Research and Advisory, stressed the importance of concerted efforts, opening channels of communication and building bridges of cooperation between media agencies, media institutions, and research centers. He said that such effort would enhance bilateral work and open exchange opportunities to develop scientific, research and media outputs at the local, regional and global levels.


Al-Ali added that sustainable partnerships and constructive cooperation between media and research organizations is an effective tool that supports the exchange of expertise and experiences, and enhances the delivery of useful ideas, visions and strategies aimed at disseminating knowledge and science.



Spreading creative thought

Dr. Al-Ali indicated that media institutions represent a major supporter of meaningful scientific research efforts. They work hard to disseminate creative content, extend sound opinion, and deliver reliable evidence-based information which provide decision-makers and public opinion with objective recommendations. Media outlets issue studies, research and analysis that address various thorny issues, crises, and global challenges.


Dr. Muhammad Al-Ali praised the constructive spirit of cooperation between the Sharjah Government Media Office and the Trends Research and Advisory. He said the two institutions are determined to consolidate mutual relations in the future. They will enhance channels of understanding that support research, scientific and media output at the local, Arab world and even the international level. They shall commit active contribution to empower young researchers through engagement in intensive training programs and courses delivered by both parties.





Youth empowerment


Fahad Al-Mahri, Head of Dubai Office Sector at TRENDS said that meaningful cooperation with the Sharjah Government Media office serves the scientific research process, especially for young researchers and media professionals who need to be empowered to develop their capabilities and refine their skills. They shall acquire valuable tools and experience given by professional and experts from both sides.

Al-Mahri stated that opening new horizons for cooperation and partnership between media and research institutions is quite fruitful in the field of training as well. It has significant importance in raising and enabling the young generation to grasp reliable scientific knowledge. He added that TRENDS has assumed the task of training and qualifying the new generation of young researchers. The Center shall develop their skills and improve their capabilities through a series of training programs, most notably in scientific research, preparation of reports, news monitoring, and others.


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